Why have so many executives and organizations chosen AEV Capital for their leadership coaching and strategic consulting needs? Learn why in their own words.

Tom Winstel
President and CEO
Engineering Excellence
“I really like Jay’s model for strategic planning because it balances long term and short term goals and has adapted to the different business cycles we’ve experienced over the last several years. His process allows us to get tactical when necessary, but he always brings us back to the strategy so that we don’t get into the weeds. Jay has been the perfect catalyst for aligning our management team toward our strategic objectives.”
Michael Branning
“Jay has been a trusted coach and strategic advisor for my company since 2003. He guided us through a difficult product line transition, which resulted in a 24% average annual growth in revenue over the past five years. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”
Chris King
Interactive Data Visualization, Inc.
“It’s been great to get well-reasoned advice from Jay and we’ve definitely benefited from his experience as a CEO. When we’ve faced complex issues, Jay has been able to distill things down to just a few key decision points.  Jay’s help in keeping us focused on the right issues has provided the clarity we needed to make sound business decisions when it really counted.”
Kent Howard
Balluff Inc.
“Jay Vierling not only makes sure that my management team stays focused on setting and meeting realistic goals, but he introduces a sense of urgency to our planning process that has invigorated us to accomplish more than ever before. The excellent follow-up we get makes all the difference when working with AEV Capital because of Jay’s diligence in holding us accountable for meeting our goals.”
Tom Murray
President and COO
DCS Sanitation Management, Inc.
“When I first asked Jay to facilitate our strategic planning process, I didn’t realize what a positive difference he would make – right out of the gate. Jay’s depth of business knowledge gave him immediate credibility with our, somewhat skeptical, field management team. He was able to get everyone talking and taking ownership of the most important issues by narrowing our focus and building consensus – never shutting anyone down in the process. Essentially, Jay has helped our company redefine itself and the entire management team is motivated to accomplish the critical initiatives that are moving our business in the right direction.”
Glen Allmendinger
Harbor Research, Inc.
“Jay Vierling has provided outstanding contributions every time we have worked together. His thinking is objective, his input direct and honest and his business management perspective invaluable. He is quick to get up to speed and provide real quantifiable value. I recommend him to any business executive looking for help with a challenging business problem or needing some coaching to hone management and leadership skills.”
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