Capital Resources

Envisioning . . .
Qualified capital resources for business development and growth.

AEV Capital is in the business of enabling the growth of other businesses through qualified investment participation at all levels, including acquisition. Through its strong financial resources, as well as 34 years of real-world success in orchestrating start-ups, partnerships and private investment, AEV Capital is a highly qualified source for funding ventures and acquiring appropriately suited companies.

AEV Capital provides qualified capital resources in the following ways . . .

Investment Participation

If your business has robust growth potential that is waiting to be unlocked with qualified investment, AEV Capital could play a key enabling role for you. We are interested in participating in funding opportunities that conform to our business profile.

President and founder, Jay Vierling, takes a personal approach in carefully reviewing the capital requirements of businesses, including assessment of market environment, competitive position, historical performance and business forecasts. AEV places a high value on integrity through this entire process, providing credible evaluations that make a good use of your time and ours.

If your would like AEV Capital to review your business investment needs call 513-474-3998.

Acquisition of Businesses

At the highest level of investment, AEV Capital is also interested in reviewing opportunities to purchase established businesses that match the criteria below:

  • Annual sales from $1 to $20 million
  • Record of profitable performance
  • Robust growth potential
  • Predictable revenue stream
  • Low follow-on capital investment requirement
  • Leading its industry, market or niche
  • Well respected by customers, suppliers, employees and community
  • Fair price based on historic performance
  • Particular focus on light manufacturing companies with a technology-driven strategy for products offered

At AEV Capital, the goal of Investment Participation and Acquisition of Businesses is to identify and enable suitable business growth opportunities through private investment.

If your company meets the above criteria, and is planning to offer itself for sale, call 513-474-3998 to contact AEV Capital.

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