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Envisioning . . .
Shrewd, experienced counsel for business development and growth.

Jay Vierling’s supportive, yet forthright leadership style is the reason why a growing number of executives and organizations are putting their trust in the counsel of AEV Capital. As a former President and CEO with over 25 years of business experience, Jay has a well developed talent for identifying inhibitors to success and unlocking opportunities within organizations.

AEV Capital consults with businesses and organizations in the following ways . . .

CEO/Management Team Coaching

Effective executives are aware of their need for accountability, support and objective viewpoints from peers outside of their own organization. AEV Capital provides one-on-one, confidential consulting for chief executives and management teams who want to test their ideas, get honest feedback or just need the perspective of a fellow executive who's been there.

The goal of CEO Coaching at AEV is to enhance business performance by raising leadership to the highest level.

“On a personal level, I believe that my professional growth has been accelerated because of the one-on-one time I have spent with Jay.”
Steve Bitzer
Deerfield Construction Company

Strategic Planning Facilitation

In today’s competitive environment, every business organization needs a strategic plan to secure its future. Unfortunately, an effective process for strategic planning doesn't just happen.

AEV Capital has the proven experience and facilitation skills needed to keep your management team focused on the high-level planning disciplines that can lead to step-function enhancements in business performance.

The goal of Strategic Planning Facilitation is not esoteric. If done properly, the process should provide a framework for creating a tangible and measurable operational plan.

“Through AEV’s strategic planning process, we have discovered ways to save a great deal of money by letting go of a sacred cow that wasn’t adding value to our business.”
Steve Eppert
The Dapper Company

Business Plan Creation

Whether starting up a new business, securing a round of financing or building consensus for an acquisition, a well-developed business plan is essential to sharing your vision with critical benefactors.

Jay Vierling is a veteran business plan developer with real-world success in orchestrating business start-ups, partnerships and private investment. His acquired knowledge is a valuable asset in creating, reviewing or enhancing business plans that get results.

At AEV Capital, the goal of Business Plan Creation is to help your team, as well as others, to envision and enable your growth plans.

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